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               PROJECT AND DESIGN                                 MATERIAL APPROVAL AND PURCHASING
               Pim Engineering is a contracting company involved in   The approval , purchasing, transportation,
               intensive installation works for engineering services.  insurance and storage of materials and equipments
               If the concept project will be done by Pim Engineering   for mechanical systems according to technical
               from the beginning, all the calculations is done   specifications and contract documents.
               and the main concept is defined. All the regarding
               documentation, bill of quantity, specifications are   INSTALLATION AND APPLICATION SERVICES
               created about the project. Application projects and all   Our company provides application services for the
               sort of details and documantation works are done with   following subject matters. The service provided under
               coordination of company and contractor by following   the capacity of contractor comprises material provision,
               the concept project.                               manufacturing -assembling, test works- commissioning
               If an application project will be done, all the    (test & commissioning), theoretical and practical
               calculations, drawings and documents are controlled   personnel training, and under the optional agreement
               according to their accuracy and compliance with    comprises provision of “operation, services and
               international standards in this direction will be   maintenance”.
               checked and prepared an implementation report.     (Air conditioning installation, Heating and ventilation
               Having established the required coordination amongst   installation, Plumbing
               employer, designer and contractor, any faults and   Automatic control and building management systems,
               deficiencies with any design or engineering will be   Pressurized air and vacuum systems, Water filtering
               identified and corrected.                          and treatment systems, Industrial piping and equipment
               After meeting with approval of prepared projects,   installation)
               details and documentation the application starts at the
               site.                                              CONSTRUCTION
               The experience of Pim Engineering gaining from the   Mobilization, HSE Training (Health, Safety and
               co-operations with both national and international   Environment Plan, Permit to Work Procedure, Lifting
               partnerships and the good and fiduciary relationship   Equipment and Lifting Operation Procedure, Confined
               with the other disciplines in the sector, provide a great   Space Procedure, Risk Assessment Procedure, Waste
               advantage to financier in bid and application phases.  Management Procedure, Traffic and Transport
                                                                  Management Procedure, Working at Height Procedure)
               ENGINEERING                                        Installation Procedure, Installation and Execution Plan,
               Detailed design, shop drawings, equipment          Work Progress Plan (Level 5), Approved drawings/
               specification, technical data sheet, bulk material take   documents issuing to site, Permit to Work, Installation
               off, bill of quantity, submit to company for approval,   Activities, Inspection Test Plan (ITP), Request for
               red line mark-up procedure, as-installed drawings,   Inspection, Leakage and/or Pressurization Test, Pre-
               TAB & validation procedure, commissioning, as-built,   Commissioning, Commissioning, System Hand-Over to
               training manual for operation team, spare parts inter-  Operation Team.
               changeability list (SPILS), operation & maintenance
               guide.                                             PROJECT AND CONSULTING SERVICES
                                                                  Project development and calculations, Selection of
                                                                  system, Selection of equipment, Application control. n
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