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                                               Pim Engineering Limited, founded in 1995 based on “first
                       Pim Engineering is      engineering then trade” principle as Mechanical Installation and

                       committed to be a       Engineering company is one of the leading companies in the
                   contemporary, honest        sector in national and international markets serving engineering,
                                               procurement and construction with prestigious hospital, trade
                  and reliable company,        center, hotel, shopping center, factory, etc. comfort building
                       always respecting       projects and industrial plant projects.
                    the environment and        Since its foundation, the purpose, besides quality and customer

              humanity as a firm attachs       satisfaction, is to provide proper engineering services, producing
               importance to knowledge         and executing right solutions in projects, production, montage
                                               and commissioning and continuous with effective service and
                  and engineering in the       maintanance aim.

                 Mechanical Installation       The purpose is to facilitate the habitats, to make people happy
                                    sector.    in their environment and atmosphere, to make it easy and nice
                                               for them to live, which is becoming increasingly difficult, and to
                                               provide people with the most efficient work, heat, comfort, clean
                                               air, clean water and quality of the energy resources turning out to
                                               be more and more significant.

                                               Expertise; projects, constructions and counseling of heating,
                                               cooling, air conditioning, plumbing, water treatment, fire fighting
                                               and building management systems.

                                               Pim engineering is one of the pioneer establishment that works
                                               according to international standarts, services of high quality
                                               obeying the job safety rules and keeps experienced staffs. Pim
                                               engineering aims to have sustainable development in the subjects
                                               of project management, quality control systems, energy efficiency
                                               and application of engineering technologies.

                                               Pim Engineering is committed to be a contemporary, honest
                                               and reliable company, always respecting the environment
                                               and humanity as a firm attachs importance to knowledge and
                                               engineering in the Mechanical Installation sector. n
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